AALPS is organizing Speed Running Camp - the very first community-based performance running focused non-residential camp in Bangladesh.

Athletic And Leadership Performance System Limited - AALPS is organizing Speed Running Camp - the very first community-based performance running focused non-residential camp in Bangladesh. There will be multiple Speed Running Camps throughout the year in Bangladesh. This camp will change the thought about running and its improvement in the community-level athletes. We believe we could transform and give a champion feeling among the people with less opportunity to have performance improvement.

Many runners want to run faster and perform better. An amateur runner starts easy, then gets a good improvement in the first few runs, but gets stuck at a speed. When they try to improve it by pushing, they get injured or can’t breakthrough. They fail to apply the science that works behind them. There are many consequences of unstructured and not approaching science in training. The injury is one of the worst consequences - it can ruin training, even daily life.

Speed Running Camp connects participants with the running speedster(we call them Camp Leader) and they develop an individual's training plan and monitor performance improvement. This month-long structured and closely monitored running camp practically unlock many running-related hacks/issues related to the participants

This non-residential camp takes a month-long journey which starts from September 17, 2021, in Dhaka. First two days there is a physical meetup and there AALPS conducts a briefing on the journey and some interactive sessions with some practical training on running and associated things. From 3rd-day participants go back to training and stay connected with the Camp Leaders via closed virtual groups for the entire month. There are variations in training according to an individual's goal and training load. The weekly structured training plan is discussed and shared with each participant before the start of a new week. The journey ends with an individual performance test and race performance analysis & future direction by the camp leader - Race Day on October 22, 2021

We have been experiencing that everyone has their own goal which exactly doesn’t match with others. So the training resources/study material we get from internet sources are good for having knowledge but not enough to fulfill an individual's requirement. The camp is designed to support participants with more practical and hands-on training. The Camp Leaders are very dynamic and experts in their own field - i.e. athletic coaching, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. It offers a very limited number of participants to ensure the best learning environment. Also guides the way of fitting running into their busy life. 

Although the participants' running improvement gets first priority in this camp, the fun parts are also loaded alongside. On-ground games, photo shooting, interactive sessions, race day celebrations with friends and family got no less important. Cool merchandise, crest, accomplishment certificate, best camp participant award, gift items from the partners, discounts priority from AALPS and its partners are arranged for each participant.

To know more details and event registration please visit  https://fb.me/e/1ASEUslSy or write to AALPS at info@aalps.org We look forward to having you among us and please share your thoughts if you have any. 

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