AALPS is in the mission of creating a system where athletes from different parts of the world and regions connects each other through the motto

Originated in 2016, in Dhaka, Bangladesh by a team of endurance athletes, AALPS has started its mission to change the health & well-being of community people by conducting structured training sessions by competitive athletes (We call them the athlete leaders). 

Till date we have conducted more than 1200 training hours and more than 400 numbers of on-ground training sessions guided by real competitive athletes.

With the numerous successes in many local and international sports events (total 49 Podiums including 4 international podiums) – AALPS developed the concept of ‘Leadership Through Sports’ – an idea where community people get training in health and well-being by real athletes.

AALPS is in the mission of creating a system where athletes from different parts of the world and regions connect to each other through the motto ‘Leadership Through Sports’ and conduct training to community people.

The key areas we are working on are:

  1. Transforming athletes into leaders by our Athlete Leaders Certification Programme (ALCP) module
  2. Starting the transformation to community people through Power Camp (a three-days-long physical and mental transformation camp – where the change begins)
  3. Enabling general people to get inspiration, guidance and training by the Athlete leaders through our online and offline platforms.

Founded in #2016

AALPS is the first athlete leadership programme in Bangladesh

Completed #1200+ Hours of Training Sessions

Our athlete leaders have Conducted #400+ Numbers of athletic training sessions

Our athletes have done #12 International Cross-Country Cycling Expeditions 

We Fund Raised For #5 charities (OUNICEF/ Myanmar Autism Association/ School at Bhutan/ Orphanages in Bangladesh)

Number of group members #1800+

AALPS has been working on transforming amateur athletes and community members as Athlete Leaders

Developed ALCP Module

We have developed Athlete Leadership Certification Programme to identify leaders among athletes

Total Number of Podium Wins #49:  

Our athletes won #45 Local Podiums and #4 International Podiums

Power Camp: The first physical & mental residential wellbeing camp in country with key focus on ‘Goal Setting’ and ‘Discipline’

Tour De Bangladesh: In 2017, AALPS organized the largest cycle race in Bangladesh: an 11 days 10 stage cycle race across country.


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