Sports and athletics can be a universal tool to make a better world. With this philosophy, AALPS was founded in 2015 by a group of Endurance Athletes in Bangladesh.

Our Background:

With this philosophy, AALPS was founded in 2015 by a group of Endurance Athletes in Bangladesh.

We started our journey with conducting athlete led free Group Fitness Training Sessions for five years with the agenda of:

  • Creating better atheletes from community level
  • Ensuring safe space of women and children in training
  • Creating an inspiring culture and environment for training structurally

Currently AALPS is the strongest network of community-based athletes with some top-notch training modules on Endurance Training, Athletic Leadership comprising the scope of Physical & Mental Wellbeing.

The core concept of ‘AALPS’ is Leadership Through Sports – where we developed a our fundamental module ‘Athlete Leadership Programme’

As the covid-19 pandemic struck the world, we launched the very first digital training portal of Bangladsh to help people to train from home by themselves digitallty.

As of 2021, our athletes have won numerous global and local podiums – Athlete Leaders of AALPS has conducted 500+ Endurance Training Sessions with more than 1500 hours of on ground athletic training.

Our Purpose:

To make a better world where people have more understanding and practice of Health & Well-being (both physical & mental).

Our Mission:

To create a System where athletes can work together and can demonstrate their collective leadership - in a mission to set a global case of “Leadership Through Sports”

Our Vision:

To set up Athlete Led Training System around the world and to set a global case on Athlete-led change to our core values.

Our Values:

  • Fitness For All: We aim to A culture of nurturing ‘Good Health and wellbeing’ in everyday life
  • Gender Balance: We promote Gender Balance and inspire participation of women in sports
  • Enabling Children: We believe every child has the Right to sports and do athletics.

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